Laithwaite's discount codes & other lockdown tips

Laithwaites Discount Codes & Other Tips For the Second COVID-19 Lockdown

We here in the U.K. have been through quite a lot when it comes to the novel Coronavirus. We’re in second lockdown now thanks to the more aggressive strain of the virus that developed here, many people are staying at home and afraid to even go round to the shops. We need to really look for the bright spots these days, you can’t control the virus but you can do your best to avoid spreading it and focus on the positive. For example I have a discount code here for Laithwaite’s wine delivery so it’s not all bad. Interestingly, a lot of the principles of quitting smoking apply to caring for yourself during a lockdown as well so this is something I feel well qualified to speak about. Here are my top tips to get through our second lockdown:

Use Vouchers for Laithwaite’s, and Other Goods & Services

Some people are lucky enough to have kept their jobs or been able to move to remote work, but some have not. If you own a small business or god forbid worked in the tourism or entertainment industry, my heart goes out to you as these have not been easy times. Even if you are still gainfully employed you may be concerned about future hardship as this pandemic is very much not over yet.

A great way to gain a little more peace of mind is to ‘find’ extra room in your budget by using promotional codes for any purchases you make online. So for example there is a Laithwaite’s discount code that will save you 10% off your first order with them. Their prices are already quite reasonable, and if you combine a few money saving strategies such as purchasing cases (you can do mixed cases it doesn’t have to all be the same wine!) or waiting for a sale and using a coupon code you can save quite a lot.

And this doesn’t just apply to wine delivery, you can use it for anything you purchase online. There will always be a little box on the checkout form for a discount code, just do a quick Google search and you’ll be able to find a working code in no time.

Lockdown tips including Laithwaite's discount codes

Purchase Groceries, Clothing, and other Essentials Online

If you really can’t stomach the thought of going out to a store or you have a vulnerable person at home who you don’t want to risk exposing you can get everything you need delivered. And it’s not just the online behemoths and big box stores that are doing delivery. In order to adapt to the current situation and try to stay open many of your local shops have switched to doing deliveries as well. Call round to the local baker, butchers shop, and grocers and see if they are offering delivery or a curbside pickup service. There will probably be a small fee for delivery, but you also won’t have to spend anything on petrol if you are having everything brought right to your door. If your local shops aren’t offering delivery or click and collect then you do always have the big shops to fall back on.

Some items like shoes and clothing can be tricky to purchase online as you can’t try them on and check sizing ahead of time. Most retailers have expanded their return & exchange policies to account for this, and sizing charts are your friend. If you don’t have a tape measure you can use to get your exact size buy one from Amazon or Argos, it’s well worth the couple of pounds it will cost you to make sure that you get the right size clothing the first time. There are always going to be clothes that look nice hung up or on a model that just don’t suit you at all, but that’s fine you can return them. To be honest now that I’ve gotten used to it, I much prefer shopping for clothing online!

Keep Yourself Busy & Mind Active

When we are feeling worried and stressed it’s tempting to want to slip back into comforting old habits like watching hours of Netflix or maybe even taking up smoking again. However these aren’t healthy ways to cope and they can make you feel worse in the long term. And I know mentioned Laithwaite’s above, but I’m not suggesting using alcohol as a coping mechanism either.

The best thing you can do is keep yourself busy with things that stimulate you mentally. Reading is a fantastic way to do this. Take a look through Book Depository or Wordery and get a new book to read (don’t forget to use a voucher code), or see if your library is offering e-books for loan. Non-fiction is great and you could learn something new, although I don’t judge anybody who enjoys a good thriller. Personally I like to start my day by reading something educational, and then a good story to help myself fall asleep at bed.

You could also take an online course, many are even available for free. Have you always wanted to learn how to write code, build a website, or cook better? There are online courses for just about everything under the sun these days, and you might find a new passion! I recently learned some rudimentary plumbing skills by watching instructional Youtube videos so that I could fix my toilet without needing to bring somebody into the house. It was actually much easier than I had thought it would be.

Get Some Exercise

I know it’s not ideal in terms of space or equipment, but you can get a fantastic workout in your living room. There are a ton of free videos on Youtube ranging from quick 10 or 15 minute workouts to hour long sessions. Some are even arranged into 30 day or longer programs to really take any guesswork out of it. The benefits of physical activity for both your body and your mental health can not be overstated, and you certainly don’t need an expensive spin bike or treadmill to get a good workout at home. Look up videos on bodyweight HIIT exercises, I guarantee you will be huffing and puffing and feeling a burn!

Be Kind to Yourself & Others

We are all tired of this and missing our friends, family, and routines. But we just have to persevere a little longer. Be patient with yourself and others, recognize that it’s perfectly normal to be feeling burnt out and down during an extended crisis like this. Do your best to take care of yourself, and remember that everyone else is struggling too. Use coupons, keep your mind busy, and find time for movement every day. It won’t fix everything, but it will help. Stay safe out there.