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Eaze Coupons and Lowering Fire Risk With E-Cigs

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Lower Fire Risk With E-Cigs 

Devastating fires often start with small accidents. When a person falls asleep while smoking or carelessly fails to completely extinguish a lit cigarette, it’s easy for a tiny flame to devour the entire house, especially when combustible household products are nearby. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, not only lack tobacco and tar, but using them also does not involve combustion. 

How Does an E-Cig Work Without Using Fire? 

An electronic cigarette is a self-contained, unlit, and combustion-free device that doesn’t leave embers or ash. It consists of an atomizer, a refill cartridge, a LED, a battery, and a liquid formula called e-liquid that contains liquid nicotine, propylene glycol and flavoring. The atomizer serves as the heating component that vaporizes the e-liquid and enables the device to provide a realistic smoking experience similar to a regular cigarette but without using fire. You simply inhale the liquid vapor and release harmless vaporized smoke, which disappears in seconds.  

Reducing the Risk of Fire 

With the unique mechanism of e-cigs, smokers and environmentally concerned individuals no longer have to worry about the apparent fire risks associated with traditional smoking. Tobacco cigarettes are common culprits of all sorts of fires that wreak havoc and cause loss of lives and property each year. When neglected and disposed improperly, regular cigarettes can lead to house fires, forest fires and even vehicle fires. A tobacco cigarette that’s still burning and thrown away recklessly toward any combustible object can easily start a fire. 

In contrast, e-cigs operate electronically without the need for a lighter or match, leading to a much lower risk of fire. Throughout the process of using an e-cigarette, you’ll enjoy a safe and convenient smoking experience. An e-cig’s atomizer turns on as you vape, but it stops releasing vapor once you stop puffing from your e-cigarette. This means that even if you fall asleep or accidentally drop your e-cig, there’s no need to worry that your electronic cigarette will continue to function, increasing safety and avoiding wasteful use. 

Safe and Satisfying Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes 

Overall, electronic cigarettes can be a safe and enjoyable smoking alternative when used properly. With e-cigs, you’ll feel more reassured, as you’re not emitting harmful and annoying secondhand smoke nor are you posing a risk of fire, whether you smoke at home or outdoors. Just remember to choose quality e-cigs from reputable manufacturers, and steer clear of cheap imitations. By using sturdy, well-made e-cigs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re enjoying smoking without causing potential fire accidents.